Community Initiative

Beacon of Hope is proud to be a community initiative in the Cincinnati area, having worked with more than 80 companies and created more than 500 opportunities. We could not have done it without our social support partners.

Cincinnati Works has always been a strong partner in workforce development and ongoing support for our candidates. Due to their collaboration, we were able to create our transportation program in 2017 that continues today. Their support was unmatched in 2019 when they brought the Beacon of Hope in-house to work with their employment team. Beacon of Hope’s long-standing relationship with Cincinnati Works has established trust in job readiness and continued support for our companies and individuals.

Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) is located inside the CityLink Center. Their program offers a specific and critical type of support for those with felony convictions and previous incarceration. Their work crews support individuals learning about working a full-time job and the transition from incarceration. They use soft skills and on-the-job support to create long-term success.

Life Learning Center is a holistic support partner for us in the Northern Kentucky area. They offer a 12-week program that focuses on self-sustainability in many areas. We are proud to partner with them for our Northern Kentucky companies.


In order to serve our individual employees and our employer partners, Beacon of Hope has created a transportation program with three vans and five drivers. We share the cost with our company partners for a drop-off and pick-up Monday through Friday, all three shifts.

Beacon of Hope transportation is meant to be a stepping stone for our members as they find self-sustaining transportation over a period of 6 to 9 months. See this video and article for more details, and contact us if you are interested in this service.