To begin the process, reach out to the Beacon of Hope Business manager to establish a partnership. We would like to get to know you and your business in order to tailor this relationship to the specifics of your company. During this step, we will ask for job descriptions, any qualifications you require, as well as background restrictions. We know that every company is different, and we want to be intentional about building a partnership suited for yours.

A key part of Beacon of Hope is the network of Social Services that provide job-readiness training to Fair Chance Citizens. Once we get to know the type of candidate you are looking for, we utilize these partnerships to refer qualified and ready-to-work candidates to you. The details of the referral process can also be tailored to your company’s preferences. However, we typically send our companies resumes and set up interviews pending their interest.

Follow your normal interviewing protocol to assess the best candidates for the job. If you need additional insight, your referring Beacon of Hope Contact may be able to function as a reference. Along with our Social Service Partners, will have been tracking the individual’s progress for some time and will be able to assess some of their skills relative to other candidates.

Finally, hire according to your normal practices. You can hire Full Time and be on your way, or you can use a temp-to-hire approach using a staffing agency. We understand every company is different and many will choose the direct-hire route. However, if you choose to hire on a temporary basis, we recommend using an agency that is already predisposed to placing Fair Chance Citizens (your Beacon of Hope contact will have contacts for these services). This route will give you the opportunity to test and develop your employee – with the ultimate goal of bringing him or her on full time. This will also provide you with an idea of how the employee will work in the long run. When choosing the temp-to-hire process, we recommend taking a look at our Employee Development Process for guidance on how to best develop your employees.

Optional Temp-to-Hire Second Chance Development

Some companies have chosen to use the Temp-to-Hire period to assess the fit and capability of the resource. These companies will then make a decision as soon as is prudent to hire on full time or to set the resource free to pursue a better job fit. Following are a few thoughts on how to make the most of this opportunity. If you are interested in learning more about recommended temp agencies, contact the Beacon of Hope team.

Coaching and communication is vital to helping any employee perform their best for the company. The Temp to Hire period can be used as a proving ground for an employee’s ability to understand their role and meet or exceed expectations. Six months passes quickly. A 3-month Check In gives you a mark to hit to give your new employee feedback and to guage their ability to correct and perform by the end of the period. Documentation of this coaching check in helps turn this into a communication tool that can be used both by the individual and your company.

Use your own evaluation tools or click here for a basic Report Card you can use (at the 3 month mark or midway period) to ensure that the coaching is happening and that the individual knows what is important to the organization and has performance goals to rise to. We request that a scan of the completed Report Card be sent to the individual’s Case Manager (Social Service Affiliate) to give them insight into performance. This is also an opportunity to inform the Case Manager of any outside factors that may be affecting job performance (recent distraction, lethargy, attitude change, etc.). They can be symptoms of other problems that the Case Managers can check into independently to help overcome these issues early.

Around this point is a good time to assess the future of your employee with your company. Using your evaluation tools or the basic (3-Month) Report Card you can look for trends that the employee is responsive to your coaching and worthy of your company or not a great fit for some reason.

What if they are a good employee, not a great employee? If they are good enough to keep on as a temporary employee but not someone you would bring on full time, be honest with the employee. Let them know that you will not be making a full time offer and why. You can continue to keep them on as long as it works for both you and the employee, but you may recommend that they check back in with their Social Service Affiliate to see if a different company/job would be a better long-term fit. Then return to the process to find replacement candidates that may have staying power.

At any time you are ready to make a full time hire, do so. And know that you are not only changing a life but you are helping to rebuild a family and a community. Your Beacon of Hope Contact will want to hear about the hire and celebrate that success.

Not every job is a career. Your Second Chance employee can use your direction and support to become all they were meant to be. If you are a company with transitional jobs (starting jobs without great advancement opportunity), you may want to get to know the real dreams of your Second Chance hire and encourage them in their growth. Guide them to take the steps toward their next job – even if it’s not within your company. Check back with the Beacon of Hope to see what new opportunities might exist as like-minded companies network together and share resources. This too, opens up new opportunities for you to affect more lives – as one Second Chance employee moves on, a new one can move in.