Employing Mercy May 13

Join fellow CUnion-Terminal-for-WP-1-of-1EOs and business owners in Greater Cincinnati who are making a difference in their businesses and
in our community. Whether or not you are in a position to offer jobs to the Hard-to-Hire in Cincinnati, your participation will signal great change and hope and support in this Year of Mercy. Employing Mercy is a Breakfast Event at Union Terminal May 13 7:30am to 9:30am. Business owners be inspired by the opportunity to change lives and will learn how to:
• Find great resources who are ready and willing to work
• Help overcome poverty in our community by hiring
those with a criminal record (1 in 6 people)
• Tap the power of our social service affiliates and
other benefits
• Join a network of companies sharing to make
a difference.

Sponsored in part by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Xavier University. Lawn Life. Beacon of Hope Business Alliance. Register to attend this free event. It will be a powerful experience. Employing Mercy Registration